Pacific Home Health and Hospice


young nurse hugging senior man in wheelchairHospice services are designed to provide a caring environment for the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the terminally ill. Care can be provided for the patient, family and friends in their home, nursing facility or a foster care home without repeated hospital stays.

The goal of Pacific Home Health & Hospice personnel is to provide symptom management and pain control. Hope of remission or cure is never abandoned but the focus is on providing palliative (comfort) care not curative care.

Our services allow patients to retain their dignity, while realizing quality is more important than quantity in their remaining days.

Any person with a terminal illness (life expectancy of approximately six months or less if the disease takes its normal course) is eligible for hospice care.

The patient, family and physician must understand and agree to the principles of hospice. These principles advocate symptom control and quality of life for the patient and family.

Pacific Home Health & Hospice offers the following hospice services:

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